Praise & Worship is designed to create an atmosphere to primarily minister to the Lord and for the Lord to unfold His mysteries unto us. The psalmists, musicians and dance ministers are challenged to maintain a holy lifestyle pleasing to the Lord because we understand that there is no difference between our worship and our work. We have found that our daily living lends strong support to our ability to break up the fallow ground and make room for the Lord to rest among us. 
Our hope is settled in showing a sincere expression of our love for God Himself.
The Sound
Psalmists are carriers of the words of God.  Musicians are carriers of the sounds of God. Together, we communicate the heart of God to His children, echoing His love with harmonious reminders of promise, truth and adoration. Just as sound resonates and shakes the atmosphere, the echo of our Father shakes everything that is not of His kingdom. With open ears, ready hands and willing hearts we release a sound – to and from Abba.
The Sight
Dancers are carries of the sights of God. The Prophetic Worship Warriors (P2W) use the art of movement to proclaim the Word of God; greatly magnifying, glorifying and exalting God while powerfully doing damage to the enemy. We ascend in worship and descend into war. We declare what is in heaven, will be in the earth. We cut the air so that the Word may be properly implanted into the hearts of men. The world has perverted the original order of dance but we have been called to restore and take back everything that was stolen.

HOME HOUSE of erie

As a neighborhood entity, it is our endeavor to bridge the gap between families and organizations who desire to bring a presence of hope and change to a growing community. Through grass root methods, we look to change the lifestyles of our participants and build better neighbors through support, fellowship, and service.